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Comodal is a company created to manufacture furniture style, started in 1984, although its origin goes back to the tradition acquired over decades, and know-how of the people who conveyed their peculiar art to over generations.

Comodal combines this tradition with new technologies, together with modern management, formed a team consolidates modal as a leading manufacturer of a furniture company quality and style.

Comodal has developed a Quality System, according to the International Standard ISO 9002, equivalent to the European EN 29009 and Spanish UNE 66-902.


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ZEUS – La salle à manger

Character and personality, a current environment of yesterday today and forever.

ZEUS – La chambre

Still alive in every detail, rest, breathe, dream, classic, modern, differential.

ZEUS – L’entrée

Natural finish for a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

We produce furniture in harmony with homes ready to be lived


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