Comodal is a company created to manufacture furniture style, started in 1984, although its origin goes back to the tradition acquired over decades, and know-how of the people who conveyed their peculiar art to over generations.

Comodal combines this tradition with new technologies, together with modern management, formed a team consolidates modal as a leading manufacturer of a furniture company quality and style.

Comodal has developed a Quality System, according to the International Standard ISO 9002, equivalent to the European EN 29009 and Spanish UNE 66-902.


  • We offer a wide range of furniture designed and developed to meet all needs.
  • We are manufacturers and craftsmen work with the highest quality in all our furniture.
  • We use hickory wood of the highest quality.
  • Our catalogs ranging from furniture design classic to modern.
  • We emphasize the exclusivity of our furniture adapting to the measures required by our customers.


We have over 31 years available to our customers by providing the latest in design and manufacture of high quality furniture.

Whether you are a distributor and customer, contact us to hear more about what we can offer.


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